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All our service plans are be-spoke to each client – conceived in consultation with the business owner to ensure the service is targeting the desired KPI’s and outcomes.

Our 3 primary focuses

1. Drive Overall Membership Fee Collection %

We reach out in an empathetic and understanding manner to your non-payee’s.

We will collect missed payments, reinstate direct debits and re-engage your members making club bookings for them at the same time

from 90% to 95% fee collection

Our average client goes from collecting 90% of their membership fees to collecting 95% (with our fee being less than 1%!)

2. reduce monthly attrition %

Tima clubs have gone from averaging 5.8% attrition each month to 4.3%

That’s 18% less leavers every year!

3. Increase Sales Appointments Quantity & Quality %

Tima clubs have gone from averaging 5.8% attrition each month to 4.3%

That’s 18% less leavers every year!

sales progression diagram

with tima you get:

More time for in house team to focus on top priority tasks to drive productivity in key areas

TIMA takes off the load of your team so that you can focus on what matters the most to achieve your key business objectives. 

lower attrition rates, facilitating faster growth

TIMA agents are highly proficient in effective communication with customers and can build rapport even with the most reluctant members. 

a consistent, high performing sales function

TIMA’s communicative function will be build around your KPis so you can achieve your target sales goals faster. 

Hear from our clients

Don’t just take our word for it

We engaged TIMA when we were desperately short of staff and with a call task list that was  growing every day. By outsourcing our member calls we ensured important member engagement was achieved and the backlog did not become an  unmanageable burden for the new staff. Where  TIMA has become indispensable, is with the  arrears and debt calls. Monthly, TIMA have more  than covered their costs by achieving impressive  statistics for reinstated Direct debits and arrears  collected. To have removed these jobs from the  club staff has not only improved the results, but  also extracted a difficult and often avoided job  that compromised the good relationships that had been built up in club.
Catherine Cook
Owner - Anytime Fitness Bicester
We’ve used Tima’s services since the start of this  year and thus far cannot find fault. Tima delivers a very professional and efficient service, which has  both freed up time for our teams to focus on sales and member engagement, and as owners gives us the peace of mind that the other side of the business is in good hands.
Jack Symons
Multi-Site Gym  Franchisee
I’m very pleased with the service TIMA have  provided, having them take care of the tasks  they do has resulted in increased productivity on  those tasks and has created space in the gym to  allow my teams to really focus on the member  experience and sales process. Wins all round!
Multi-Site Gym  Franchisee

We operate on a dynamic pricing matrix with each client receiving a bespoke package based on their requirements and a range of variables – we will always work with our clients to identify clear ROI expectations with several options to allow our clients to make the best selections based on their own requirements and means

Outsourcing a set of tasks to Tima will drive the productivity of those tasks whilst simultaneously giving your in-house team more head room to focus on the tasks remaining in-house. Giving your overall productivity a substantial boost whilst also allowing your staff to focus their efforts on the tasks they best equipped to perform and have the most passion for.

We have our central office where the majority of our agents are based, they are equipped with a sophisticated technical set up that allows them to perform a variety of tasks across a variety of clients to the highest possible standard. We are always seeking ways to innovate and evolve to ensure we deliver the absolute best possible results for our clients at the best value

Tima is Maori for team – we believe this name represents our companies’ values. We treat each client as a partnership working with each other in as optimal a fashion as possible to drive a shared goal and business outcomes.