about us

How Tima came to be

our origin

Tima was founded in 2021 with our founders approaching our minority owner/Head of Operations – Simon Parish with a mandate of providing additional support to our own gyms upon re-opening after the third UK Lockdown – as most with our fitness industry peers, the gyms had suffered terribly during the pandemic. From this need for additional support – Tīma was born. After not only supporting these clubs back into their feet, but also driving them to new heights – we decided to commercialise the enterprise and reach out to any other operators looking to optimise their businesses performance and in just 3 years Tīma has over quadrupled in size working across multiple sectors and providing a variety of support services. We are an ambitious company and look forward to supporting many more businesses over the coming years. We love helping our clients take their businesses to the next level!

icon what we do

What we do

At TIMA we manage and drive member and prospect communications on behalf of your company. We drive KPI performance as well as take on part of your team's load so that your club staff can focus on member engagement and face to face sales activities.

icon what we do

our values

"Tima" is Maori for team – we believe this name represents our companies’ values. We treat each client as a partnership working with each other in as optimal a fashion as possible to drive a shared goal and business outcomes.

icon our staff

our staff

We have a team of agents who are highly skilled communicators who can drive desired outcomes for the clients via a multitude of communication methods.

Tima superheros


Simon Parish

Co-Owner - Head of Operations & Sales

Approached by our Founders in early 2020 – Simon was given a mandate to create a support method for the clubs they owned (that Simon had sat over as Regional Manager for nearly 10 years). Optimising operations, driving productivity. For Tima’s first year of operation Simon was the project manager. He then transitioned into the Head of Operations and now the Head of Sales 

Matthew How

Operations Manager

Matt is our operations manager who is overseeing the delivery of our support services. Managing our team of agents and being a direct point of contact for our clients. He works diligently to ensure we are consistently delivering 5 star service to all of our clients 

Carla DiMarino

Sales Exective

Carla was one of the first employees of Tima and she’s been progressing with the company ever since. After 2 years delivering the service for our clients as a tima agent, then a senior tima agent. She has now moved full time into our sales department. Anyone looking to explore our services will find Carla professional and personable 

Charlie Burbury

Onboarding Lead

Charlie was the very first tima employee. He oversaw the original team of tima agents and was integral in the companies growth. He is now leading our onboarding team – his knowledge of our technology and software is unrivalled and will ensure every client is set up for success

What we offer

our services

membership fee collection

Did you know that the average membership fee collection rate is 90%?
The average facility is losing 10% of it’s revenue every month!
We will re-engage your ‘cold’ members – and will turn them into regular attendees

Member service support

On Average Facilities Experience 5.5% Attrition each month. Tima use a multitude of communication methods in order to ensure we are targeting two groups of members where we know we can have optimal impact: New joiners & New attendees

Sales support

Improve your response times, Increase your booking rate!  Tima can be your first responders! We will ensure that every enquiry is met in a timely manner, our team are experts in rapport building, conducting needs analysis and ultimately ensuring that your enquiries are resulting in club bookings. 

with tima you get:

More time for in house team to focus on top priority tasks to drive productivity in key areas

TIMA takes off the load of your team so that you can focus on what matters the most to achieve your key business objectives. 

lower attrition rates, facilitating faster growth

TIMA agents are highly proficient in effective communication with customers and can build rapport even with the most reluctant members. 

a consistent, high performing sales function

TIMA’s communicative function will be build around your KPis so you can achieve your target sales goals faster.