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We knew we had a special opportunity with Anytime Fitness Brixton and wanted to take every measure possible to ensure we capitalised on this, as an existing client of tima's through our other sites, Simon was one of the first people I called about this new venture and are delighted with the result that he and his team are delivering for us

anytime fitness brixton

Anytime Fitness Brixton is the biggest success story for our sales support services. Working closely with the club owners we developed a communication strategy that ensured we drove conversion rate sky high. We used daily data analysis to ensure we were course correcting our strategy throughout the clubs’ pre-sale. This combined with the club owners’ ambitions, experience and expertise lead to AF Brixton being the most successful Anytime Fitness pre-sale ever (outside of the USA). The club has opened with over 1850 members, shattering all targets and expectations. We are very proud to have contributed to this success and are excited to continue working with this club to achieve greater and greater things.

main achievements

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Working with Tima has successfully improved our contact rates and attrition by elevating our support strategies to PTs nationally. The team at Tima took time to really understand our business and desired outcomes, the process compliments our support mechanisms and ensures that YOUR PT continue to deliver on achieving the best length of stay for PTs within our industry

Your Personal Training

Your Personal Training are the largest personal trainer agency in Europe. Despite already providing unprecedented levels of support for their trainers – they engaged with tima services to take these service levels even further. Tima speak with all new trainers in their second month to ensure they’ve been onboarded smoothly and are set up for success, we also speak with all trainers bi-monthly to ensure they are being made aware of and are engaging with the
ever-growing list of support methods and initiatives.

main achievements

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We signed up to Tīma looking for new ways to evolve and grow the clubs performance, but also to ensure our members were getting the best possible service levels - we are very happy with the results

Anytime Fitness Totton

Anytime Fitness Totton was an established club and was seeking a way to reach a new level of performance the club engaged tima in a member service plan. Tima supports the club with its email accounts, inbound overflow call service, member engagement calls and member issue calls (arrears, cancellation requests etc). Tima were able to drive the KPI’s associated with these tasks. Whilst the club team were able to focus their efforts on club operational standards, gym floor member engagement and all sales activities. The combined efforts of the two teams have resulted in the club growing it’s membership base by over 10% in less than a year achieving a previously unobtained level of membership subscription and we are looking at how to match these achievement in the year ahead.

main achievements

our philosophy is simple

Our philosophy is to combine the expertise and resources of Tīma with our clients existing infrastructure to optimise their operation in such a way that enables previously unobtainable levels of operational excellence - leading to outstanding results for our clients and their customers